Company Overview

Since we found Aquans water in 2060, has been successful to produce pure and safe drinking water. We have a vision of a country where everyone would have access to safe water.Just the fact that our bodies are made up 70% of water which tells us about the importance of water. Some expertise proves that 2% dehydration in our body can cause a 20% loss in performance. Aquans goes beyond purity to give replenishment and renewal for life, and is also preferred as a source of pure and safe drinking water. Aquans water provides you high minerals and bicarbonates, which is essential to the human life. It has a pH 7.5 to neutralize the harmful and waste of our body, and to promote a healthier condition.

We use the best technologies and equipment’s which is available to use for the collection of water and filter it. Aquans is available in various size of packages of drinking water like 225ml, 500ml, 1liters as well as 20 liters’ jar.

Our Mission

We make sure to have the best quality, at the lowest production and lowest distribution cost. This will make us to secure sustainable access to sanitation and safe drinking water for the most endangered communities through creativity and power of art.

We aim to provide a safe, reliable drinking water with exceptional service and values, and also educate people towards the importance of drinking water and qualities issues. This will make us an unbeatable leader, and we will have loyal satisfied customers.


Our Vission

We envision a better world, where all have approach to living conditions that allow empowerment and development, today and endlessly. Our vision is to recognized one of the best company in the branded water business with consistently work to reach that level to provide a water.

We wish to see that Aquans emerges as reliable company to its clients and consumers.